© 2010 Augustine Dall'Ava

Augustine Dall’Ava is a leading Melbourne based sculptor who has been working and exhibiting in Australia and internationally for over 40 years.

He has held over 20 solo exhibitions and has been included in a large number of group exhibitions and events including several major public sculpture commissions.

Intimate in scale, often colourful, the sculptures challenge the viewer with their balance/imbalance, grace, harmony and sensuousness.

Narrative, lyrical and philosophical imagery plays a strong role alongside the artist’s innate use of materials. The appreciation for the intrinsic quality of the natural materials used is defined by the workmanship and attention to detail in every element of every sculpture. Natural materials are shaped, manipulated, painted, obscured and stretched to the limit to create each sculpture.

Often working in a “series” the artist takes the viewer and himself on a journey. The theme of a “series” allows the artist to work over a period of years on a particular narrative and at the same time produce individual personal sculptures of an entirely different nature.

Many of the sculptures lend themselves to the possibility of being on a grander scale which the sculpture commissions attest to. From small and intimate to large and imposing the sculptures are forever evolving.